8 Free Music Download Apps for Android
8 Free Music Download Apps for Android

8 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

8 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android - These days, it is no longer a difficult task to find and download free media or music into your gadgets or device. It’s much, much easier to find free songs nowadays than before the android systems era. In this time, you can get any kind of music with the help of some apps. These streaming apps come and go almost every year, however, we have some that have stayed over the years and there are still working well. Some of these apps are to be paid for while others are free. Like you already know, there is something soothing about being able to have your favorite songs downloaded right into your android or mobile gadget without having to bother about the quirks of terrible internet fluctuations.

List of Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

There is absolutely the joy it brings to create a playlist with your device to accompany or entertain you while on a long-haul journey or flight. In this article, we have compiled a list of the free music downloader apps that will help you download your favorite music legally from the internet. Therefore, if you are searching for an app that will enable you to play locally stored music from your device; check out some of the best music player apps list here. These are some of the most popular music apps that will help you download songs into your devices for free.

1. GTunes Music Downloader - App Link

GTunes Music Downloader
GTunes Music Downloader

This music app is like Tom Waits would say, “an oldie but a goodie…..” it is one of the oldest music apps but it can still serve as one of the best. GTunes will comb through so many large domains where you will get millions of downloadable songs and their artists across times and generations just as it matches your query. It is worthy of note that while using the app, we noticed out of the 4 search engines, it is just ‘C’ alone that retrieved search results. We recommend you try using the ‘C’ first before concluding that the whole app doesn’t work properly. GTunes comes with an in-built player that can enable you trim your songs and as well set them as your ringtones. It has simple search alternatives which make it the best for you to use especially if you know the exact songs you might look for and would just want to have the downloaded into your device.

The GTunes is user friendly with a pretty interface that’s simple for users under any age to operate. Its use is easy as clicking, finding, download and then listen. Yes! It is that simple! As it is with apps like this, before you download a music, you can listen to it first to be sure it’s exactly what you are looking for, then you download it straight into your phone device or SD memory card. This app is one of the best options you will find on the Playstore like Invenio Carmen and Invenio Music. It is one of the best music apps that is.

2. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader - App Link

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader
SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is one of those good music apps is not on the Google Play store because it is assumed to have copyright issues; but it is also one of the most perfect repositories for almost all the music or tunes that has diverse tastes. with this app, you will find all that you might be looking for, be it an underground sets of Techno or mainstream pop tunes. You can get them all in one place on the SuperCloud software.

With this app, you can comfortably download as much songs as possible within a jiffy and stream them. You will also be able to see the cover of the album on the screen of your device while playing your songs. To use this app, all you have to do is to type in the artist’s name, title of the song or album you are searching for inside your search bar, click on! And the app will search out a comprehensive search result for you to make your choice and download them all.

Like stated above, you won’t find SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader on the google play store. Therefore, to download the SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader you will need to it from this link SuperCloud. To do that, be sure that to "enable unknown sources" option through the settings on your gadget or Android phone.

This app will allow you download tunes of any genre and it works perfectly. It is fast, and it has thousands of music accessible to you. It comes with anything you might look for, if you are a music lover.

3. SONGily - App Link


Songily music app was born out of the passion to find new & innovative ways to promote and market famous tunes to video & app developers. What you heard about purchasing a membership to use the Songily App is true. But we included it on this list to share the good news that the app also has a free version of it here,SONGily. It is possible you may not find it on the play store as free, but you can also download it manually through this linkSONGily. However, we would like you to note that this free version supports add but it can give you access to a solid stockpile of tunes either old or new; ranging from both obscure and mainstream artists to chart music and sea shanties. As a matter fact, I discovered “shanties” from the Assassin’s Creed IV from this app. For every song you find, there is an option to play & download the tunes you are playing. Recently, the developers have also added features that can enable video download.

4. TubeMate - App Link


The TubeMate app is designed specifically for downloading YouTube videos into your mobile gadgets or device. With the TubeMate downloader you can download your favorite videos from YouTube direct to the SD card on your mobile device where you can see them at your own time. The app is pretty much easier to use than any other app in this category. Just search for any video of your choice in the app’s search bar, click on the arrow-the green one below the screen. When you have done that, you are given the options of the video qualities, choose one and that’s it. The videos on this app often come with various resolutions adapted to various Android phones’ that’s compatible with the app. At the end of every download, it automatically saves the video files on the SD card. However, you can as well move them to any other location you may deem fit.

This app cannot also be found on the play Store because Google presumes that violates or encroaches on YouTube. The app will allow you download video in different formats, which include audio too. When you download video files in form of audio (MP3 or MP4) the apps will prompt you to have MP3 converter for videos downloaded. This is to enable the TubeMate app to synchronize the files and covert them either to video or audio.

This app is easy and simple to use and you can download any choice video in few seconds.

5. 4Shared - App Link


The 4shared is not your traditional music player or music app. It was designed to download and share files. Just like its name implies, 4 shared app helps you search over different database or platform on the app for files, manage your account and also download any file of your choice. With the app you can change data, copy files, rename files or delete and upload any kind of file from your Android phone to another phone or vice versa. You can as well download and also listen to the songs after downloading them.

Besides what 4Shared can help you do is to grant you access to about thirty million files that are publicly uploaded by diverse users, which you can access with ease. To do this, use the search bar to find the file you are may look for and download it.

According to the users, one of the most interesting features of the app is the ability to synchronize all of your pictures with your 4shared account.

The 4shared is an important tool for its users. With the 4shared app, you can seamlessly manage all every of files from the cloud systems. 4Shared can be downloaded from the Play Store though not in every country. But If you not able to find it from the Play Store in the country where you live, you can as well download the free APK here.

6. KeepVid (Perfect for SoundCloud) - App Link

KeepVid (Perfect for SoundCloud)
KeepVid (Perfect for SoundCloud)

KeepVid is a perfect alternative to TubeMate. It works and functions like TubeMate but it has with an extra advantage of a finer interface. KeepVid is the greatest user-friendly free app for downloading music. Though it is not possible to download music in the format of M4A like TubeMate, it is an amazing option.

· Keepvid is one of the most popular video downloading apps that can allow you to simply copy & paste URL and download video from other video sharing sites, free.

· Keepvid Video app can download in any formats ranging from MP4, Flash FLV WebM and 3GP etc... It will show you a file format before saving the file.

· Keepvid app is fast and it can download at the speed of about 500% or more. It can Download 1080p audios and videos, 2K, 4K, 2K, HD and 720p audios and videos and pictures files from the internet

· The recent tests show that Keepvid video downloading app is free of malicious malware and has none trace of phishing. The downloader will preserve your video files.

· It is supported by over a 10000+ websites for audio or video download.

· With this Downloader you will be able todownload all your favorite audios and videos from any device with an unlimited speed.

Note: To download files from SoundCloud using Keepvid video app, login to SoundCloud once you have installed KeepVid, choose the song you need, click on the “Share” icon and then pick KeepVid in the pop up.

7. Audiomack - App Link


AudioMack is designed to offer artists who don’t outlets where they can officially distribute their contents an amazing platform where they can do successfully do so. This platform form has successfully boosted the likes of T-Wayne, Migos and Fetty Wap in their recording deal and it has also provided an opportunity for other big stars to be discovered. If you are looking to discover upcoming Hip-Hop, Raggae arenas, and Electronic stars, you sure will appreciate Audiomack.

8. RockMyRun - App Link


True to its name, RockMyRUN, is designed having people who are addicted to fitness and jogging at heart. This app will help match your workout steps or heart rates to your tunes to give you motivation and help your performance during your workout sessions. You have the option to set the tempo of your music to a certain cadence of about 180.

Conclusion on Best Music Download Android Apps for Free

I don’t know about you but I am certain we have successfully provided a good compilation of some of the best apps and software that can help you download and play your music as you would like it on your Android device. It is now up to you to visit the play store or go through some links that were provided in the article and download your favorite tunes. Please, thank us later!!!

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