Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2019
Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2019

Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2019

Android users are always looking for means to download their music and this can be quite challenging. However, these are some free music downloader MP3 for Android.

Why Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android in 2019?

MP3 fully means MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. MP3 is a form ofdigital audio which reduces the file size, it is used to store, transfer and distribute audio files. Some of amazing features and advantages of using MP3 includes;

· Files are generallyin small sizes

· Files can be distributed easily through the internet or my using app

· MP3 Files can be played on various music players

· MP3 technology can be used tosupport music online for artist

· Files are easily downloaded

· Users of MP3 can reduce file sizes to a preferred size depending on the quality of the song

· The Presence of ID3 tags on MP3 file helps to store files categorically, categories such as the name of the artist, year of song and other categories can be used

· Audio files can be duplicated the quality will not change on MP3

· Music can be recorded, developed, mixed and practiced using the MP3 technology

Some disadvantages of MP3 include;

· The audio quality of MP3 is not the best

· It is vulnerable to virus attacks or cyber attacks

Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android users have been around for quite a while now. Here are a few of the best free ones are

List of Best Free Music Downloader MP3 for Android 2019

These Free Music downloaders are useful; they all have different features, importance and uniqueness

1. Simple MP3 Downloader - Downloader MP3 Link

Simple MP3 Downloader
Simple MP3 Downloader

This is one of the simplest MP3 downloaders to use, some of its features include

· It is simple to use

· It is simple to download

· It categorizes songs based on the name of the artist, band name, genre, album name, year of release and other categories

· It also offers a recommendation for users

· Simple MP3 downloader can be downloaded here

2. Wynk Music - MP3 Link

Wynk Music
Wynk Music

Wynk Music has massive amounts of Indian songs to you can download from; this is one of its many unique features. Some of its features include

· It is a favourite app used for downloading Bollywood music

· It is also used for downloading international songs

· You can also stream the music of your choice

· It is effortless to use

· Songs are categorized using different categories such as the name of song, artist name and other categories to search for your song of choice faster

· Absence of pop – up advertisements

· Streaming of songs occurs without buffers and streaming is fast

· Unlimited downloads of songs and streaming

· It is not free, but it comes with a one month free trial, you can use this opportunity to activate and enjoy the many features of wynk music for a month

· Subscription is $1.5 dollars monthly

· Download the app for wynk music here

3. Supercloud - MP3 Site


Super cloud has been used for quite a while; it works for any version of the android. It is used to listen to audio podcast, audio books and songs; it has several uses and features for a music downloader MP3 for Android. Some of its features and uses include

· Possibility of creating a personal playlist

· Presences of different categories of songs

· Songs, audio books, podcast and the files on supercloud are categorized based on different groups such as the name of the artist, year of the song, genre and so many others

· Soundcloud gives recording artist an advantage to upload their own songs

· Availability of creative, original and unique songs from different kinds of artist from an upcoming artist, old artist, famous artist and the song writers

· It allows to bond with friends, share playlist and learn playlist of friends better

· A playlist can be played and controlled on the offline mode and also from the lock screen

· It is costless

· Download the supercloud app here

4. MIUI Player - Downloader Link

MIUI Player
MIUI Player

It has the simplest user interface and it is simple to use. It features include

· It is reallysimple to search for songs using MIUI Player

· It is simple to use

· It allows for the opportunity to choose the quality of the song

· It has an extensive amount of audios, you can download

· You can stream the songs first before downloading

· It is used for free

· Download the MIUI player app here

5. Napster - MP3 Link


Napster is great for MP3 music download on Android, the downside is, it is not free, but it comes with a one month free subscription which is restricted in some countries. It however has amazing features you can try for the free one month trial

· It is simple to use

· The songs are categorized

· Presence of streaming and downloading of songs

· Absence of advertisements

· It has songs in different genre such as blues, country, R&B, rap, Latin, electronic, gospel songs, spoken words. It also has sub genres such as vocal jazz, jazz punk, pop-jazz, country humor, Texas humor and so many others to choose from.

· It shows the top-rated songs for the week, top rated artist and new releases for the week.

· Presence of unlimited songs to download and stream.

· You can try the one month free subscription here .

6. Music Maniac - Downloader MP3

Music Maniac

The Music maniac app is a high-rated app and here are some reasons why

· It is effortless to use.

· It is costless.

· Songs are easy to search on the app.

· Songs are categorized.

· It allows for download of a substantial amount of songs.

· The app can be downloaded here.

7. YouTube - Downloader MP3 Website


YouTube is famously known and used for video streaming and downloads. However, YouTube has a way of downloading MP3 music on android for free. Here are the steps to follow

· Search for or use the YouTube app

· Search for the songs you need to download or stream on YouTube

· The URL for the song is copied from YouTube

· On a new windows tab, search for YouTube for MP3 converter using a good search engine such as Google Chrome

· Click on the convert and paste the URL link in a section shown on the page

· Several websites that can download audio in MP3 is shown

· Download the song you want in MP3 format for free

· YouTube app can be downloaded for Google play store here

8. RockMyRun - MP3 Link


RockMyRun is mostly used for workouts, it is a running app for music; people who work out should definitely use this. Some benefits you enjoy from using RockMyRun include:

· Unlimited access to download and stream songs

· It has a mybeat quality that records beats per minute

· Songs are categorized by genres

· It has an extensive amount of workout music

· Presence of rhythm music for workout

· It syncs the duration of a playlist to workout sessions

· It suggests songs for workout sessions

· The app can be downloaded here

9. Google Play Music - MP3 Link

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google play music has a unique feature of speculating which songs you would like to listen to, it has a massive catalog of songs and other features which include

· You can stream songs, audio podcasts and albums

· Presence of radio to use offline

· Presence of audio podcast

· Possibility of storing over 40000 songs on phone storage

· Songs are categorized based on different categories such as genres, name of an artist, name of group or band, emotions and a lot of other categories

· It is easy to use

· It is used for free

· It requires a paid subscription to download songs

· It has a pro version which has features like the absence of advertisements, presence of a family plan account and other benefits

· It has an app that can be download on Google store here

10. Free MP3 Downloads - MP3 URL

FreeMP3 Downloads
Free MP3 Downloads

Free MP3 downloads are reallyeasy to use and free to use. Some benefits and features are

· You can download or stream songs

· Presence of a search section, it allows the search for any song using keywords like song name, artist name, URL for the song and other keywords

· It is available in various languages

· It is available in various countries such as India, France, Japan and so many others

· It has a simple user interface

· It allows for transferring songs

· You can download Free MP3 downloads app here

11. Gaana - MP3 Link


Gaana is mostly used my Indians, it has a large amount of Bollywood music. Some of its features include

· You can select the language you understand, however, it doesn’t have a wide range of language to select from

· It has a wide range of Indian songs

· It has just a few international songs

· It as an easy-to-understand user interface

· Presence of pop-up advertisements

· It is not entirely free

· Registration is not required to listen to songs without pay

· To download music and enjoy other benefits such as the absence of ads, high quality music, a subscription is required

· The Gaana apk can be downloaded here

12. 4Shared - Downloader Site


4Shared is a website for sharing files. It allows for the download of MP3 files for free. Some of its amazing qualities include

· Presence of cloud storage

· Presence of an easy user interface

· It allows you to share files with friends

· Presence of vast genres of songs

· Presence of an extensive collection of songs

13. Soundcloud - MP3 URL


Soundcloud allows sharing music with friends, downloading and streaming the audio podcast, audio books, songs and, albums which makes it exceptional and very useful. Some of its features include

· The songs are categorized based on genre, emotions, artist name, top downloaded, most featured and other categories

· It allows the upload of songs created by artists, new singers and original content

· Presence of the creation of personal playlists

· It creates connections with friends and artist and allows you to learn more about their playlist

· It is simple to use

· It has many songs to stream or download

These are a few of the best free MP3 music downloader for android, they all have great reviews, they are popularly used, they are a few of the best choices they are easy to use and most of them are free or have a trial subscription. Just by the features and benefits listed above, you can decide which one you would like to try out

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